Ventilation Systems

How To Ventilate An Attic Space

A well ventilated attic provides better air movement to control temperature and humidity. A properly vented attic means a healthier and safer environment for your family.

Proper ventilation will reduce the risk of mold growth, premature deterioration of shingles, wood rot, and will help to improve energy costs inside the home.

Sqft of ventilation needed per sqft of air surface


Ratio of intake to exhaust vents


Most Common Defects From Improper Ventilation


Mold Growth

Mold growth is the most common defect we find during inspections that is caused from a lacking ventilation in the attic. Heat retention, high humidity and moisture from interior air leakage from your home, become trapped when ventilation is lacking. When high humidity condenses on the colder roof surfaces, moisture retention then leads to decay of the structure and mold growth is likely to occur. Since both water and mold can cause damage to wood, your roof structure is at great risk when both are actively present.

Ice Dams

Ice dams come in second place for most common defect found that is caused by poor ventilation. Ice dams can lead to water leaking under shingles when melted snow under the ice layer is trapped. When you have those elegant icicles hanging from your roof, unfortunately it means ice dams are present. In some weather phenomena even with proper ventilation ice dams can form, but if you see these conditions regularly, it means ventilation and insulation in your attic needs improved. Leaks along interior walls and ceilings is something that should be monitored for.

Types Of Ventilation

  • Soffit Vents (Intake)
  • Gable Vents (Intake and Exhaust)
  • Ridge Vents (Exhaust)
  • Passive Roof Vents (Exhaust)
  • Mechanical Vents (Turbine Exhaust)
  • Powered Fan (Exhaust)
  • Lower Shingle Vents (Exhsust)

Ventilation And Insulation Work As A Team!

Attic insulation and ventilation work together and a healthy attic space can only be achieved when both the ventilation and insulation are installed properly. We have plenty of great resources who can assist with improving your insulation and ventilation so you can rest easy knowing you are protecting your home and your family.

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