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General Home Inspection

A general home inspection is a must for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. Our home inspection service give insight to active and potential health, safety and hidden deficiencies throughout your home. Having a home inspection saves you time and money!

Sewer Scope Inspection

A Sewer Scope or Sewer Scan is a visual inspection of the interior sections of the Main Sewer Lateral or the Building Drain as it exits at or about the foundation of a building and leads to the Public Tap near the street. Having a Sewer Scope on your Main Sewer can potentially save you thousands in repair or replacement costs. Approximately 70% of the Sewer Scopes completed reveal hidden issues that must be repaired. Of all of our ancillary inspections, the Sewer Scope Inspection provides some of the most financial value for our clients. On average a newly discovered defect found during a Sewer Scope can save you-the potential new owner, more than $3,000 in repair or replacement costs and can save you from the stress that comes from potential excavation of the yard and street outside of the building. Invest in peace of mind and make the most informed decision about the building you are purchasing by adding a Sewer Scope to your requested services today!

Radon Gas Testing

Radon gas is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the decay of uranium in the soil. As it breaks down it can enter into our homes and is very dangerous to our health. Radon gas is known to cause lung cancer over prolonged periods of exposure. Test today!

Radon is a radioactive gas that is undetectable by sight, taste, and smell. Radon is a carcinogen that causes lung cancer. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to cigarette smoking and is the number one environmental cause of cancer in the world. Women are at greater risk of being effected by radon. If you are exposed to radon frequently and you also smoke cigarettes you are at an extreme risk for lung cancer. Each particle of radon has a lifespan of about 4 days but since the particles are constantly replenished from the Earth the level that is in your home will typically stay the same until treatment takes place

Radon is a natural gas that is found in the earth’s soil and underground water, it is formed by the natural radioactive decay of uranium. Radon that is present under your foundation can enter your home in many ways, it can come up through the foundation no matter what form (eg. slab on grade, basement, or on a crawl space). Radon comes through cracks in your foundation, it comes in through sump systems, through low lying windows in a basement, through your well water supply, as well as many other ways. The level of radon will be higher in the basement or on the ground level of your home as it is closer to the source.

Any amount of radon being inhaled regularly is harmful, according to the EPA 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries per liter of air) is the point where mitigation is necessary. The radon gas attaches itself to dust and other particles in the air and circulates throughout the rest of your home and is inhaled by everyone that is present. Radon is a carcinogen that causes cancer, specifically to the lungs and can happen in as little as just 4 years if enough of it is present.

The most effective radon testing is currently done by collecting air samples that pass through your home through a monitor that records hourly readings. We use a device that is very accurate, not only does it record hourly readings but it also has many anti-tampering features. When the Radon test is taking place it is recording the counts of Alpha particles in the air but also recording the barometric pressure in the home which will indicate if the home did not meet closed house conditions. Our monitor also has a motion/tilt feature that will report any movement of the device. Our monitors run on both battery and on direct circuit power, if the power goes out or there is no power at the testing site our machines will test for the full 48 hours, but if the monitor is plugged in and someone unplugs it or the power does go out it will be noted on the report. This method leaves virtually no room for error and takes only 48 hours to complete. The testing period is a minimum 48 hour test for a real estate transaction and the results of the test are immediate so there is no waiting around days for the results. The limit that the EPA has designated to be the point where radon will cause significant adverse health related issues is 4.0 pCi/L, going beyond this limit the EPA recommends installation of a mitigation system to remove the radon from your home to help ensure you and your family breathe safe. Any elevated level of radon is considered to be unsafe in long term exposures but the lower the number is, the less effect it has on our body.

Mold Testing

Silver Lining mold inspections and testing services involve the use of our extensive knowledge of mold, mildew and the conditions conducive to home mold growth as well as building construction, air flows, building materials, and heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems. We perform Residential and Commercial mold inspections and testing.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

There are many insects that we inspect for during a wood destroying insect inspection. These bugs reinfest year after year and can take over a home if not treated and are detrimental to the structural footprint. Call today for your inspection!

Structural Inspection

During a Structural Inspection, we will take a look at a number of crucial areas in your home:

  • Roof
  • Framing
  • Crawl space or basement
  • Foundation
  • Exterior walls (including all concrete and stucco)
  • Interior walls
  • Masonry and brickwork (including chimneys)

By inspecting these key areas, we can determine if the home was properly engineered and constructed to handle the weight of anticipated loads. We will also look for signs that the home has been properly maintained.

Well Inspection

A Well Inspection has two basic evaluations. During a well flow rate evaluation we will test the water system including the well pressure tank. We will evaluate the well for adequate water pressure into the home from the well pump after the pressure tank. We will also make sure any applicable well water filtration systems are working as intended. During a well water potability inspection, we will collect a sample of water to be tested for bacteria such as E.coli and coliform that may be present in the well.

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General Home Inspection Types

Silver Lining believes the most important aspect of an inspection is to reveal the safety hazards that may be present. Our report and knowledgeable advice will give you the facts to make a confident decision.

Annual Home Inspection

An Annual Home Inspection will provide you with invaluable information regarding the house you are selling or looking to purchase. We, as trained professional home inspectors, offer you first-hand knowledge about the house. Our GHI is based off of a 400 point inspection that includes a checklist of the components of your home, a written narrative of the findings within scope of the inspection and clear descriptive digital photographs that attach to each narrative point.

Buyers Home Inspection

A Buyers Home Inspection is a form of general home inspection for those individuals looking to purchase a house. For this type of inspection the buyer is looking to gain information on a potential purchase. The completion of a professional inspection of your potential dream home is the first and most important investment you will ever make on your home. You will be filled with the expert knowledge of each individual component of the home as well as how each one contributes to the home system, because after all each component effects many others within each system.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection again is another form of a general home inspection, this type of inspection is a great marketing tool for selling your home. Being proactive and requesting a professional inspection prior to listing your home serves the prospective buyers a piece of confidence. This inspection also reassures those individuals that you have nothing to hide when it comes to the home they may make their own. This report also gives you, the current owner the opportunity to make any upgrades or repairs to the home before the home is listed for sale which can provide for a quicker sale and possibly even presents the opportunity to raise the asking price if the changes are significant.

Commercial Inspection

A Commercial Inspection can vary from a large portion of your building, down to just a small section or a single room of the building that has been recently remodeled. A commercial inspection covers the same systems as our other complete inspection services. Some of the main differences between a Commercial Inspection and a standard Building Inspection is the complexity in the systems. Most Commercial buildings involve very intricate wiring systems and complex heating systems. Roof types are also widely different on most larger Commercial Buildings when compared to normal dwelling structures. While the importance of attention to detail is important no matter the inspection type, this inspection type requires extreme detail and mental stamina due to the duration of services. It is common for Commercial Inspections to take multiple days to complete.

Contractor or New Construction Inspection

A Contractor or New Construction Inspection is an inspection that can vary from a large portion of your home or building, down to just a small section or a single room of the home that has been recently remodeled. This type of inspection is conducted in a similar manner as a general home inspection but limits the inspection to the specific points being requested. This inspection can be reassuring when hiring a contractor that you are not familiar with or if you would just like to ensure the project is being completed in the proper manner. Any issues found can be taken back to the contracting company and could be covered by any warranty and guarantee they offer.

12 Month Warranty Inspection

A 12 Month Warranty Inspection is a priceless tool for new home owners. Most all reputable building companies offer a minimum of a 1-year warranty on the homes they have built, this includes everything from the footer to the flue cap. Such warranty has been proven to save new home owners from being stuck with costly repairs of faulty materials or just prevents builders from getting away with unsatisfactory craftsmanship. If we find anything in the new home that does not meet the Silver Standard and that may constitute a safety concern this report will require the builders to make the repairs on each item at no cost to you.