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Commercial Building Inspection

A Commercial Building Inspection is necessary for anyone who is buying, leasing or otherwise acquiring a commercial building. The purpose of a Commercial Inspection is to identify all visual defects within and around the site as it relates to our SOP. Our primary objective within the inspection process is to help identify and make the management teams aware of all safety deficiencies. These deficiencies may range from electrical defects to structural concerns.  This Inspection also serves those  companies that are already in use to ensure compliance with current building standards and to ensure the highest level of safety for their customers and staff.

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Common Commercial Inspection Types

Silver Lining believes the most important aspect of an inspection is to reveal the safety hazards that may be present. Our report and knowledgeable advice will give you the facts to make a confident decision.

Church and Gathering Place
Mixed Use (Residential and Commercial)
Office Space
Auto Dealership
Hotels and Hospitality
Multi-Purpose Building