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“Don’t be left in the dark about issues that may be lurking in your home”
– Sam Strickler, Owner

Silver Lining Buy Back Guarantee!

Have you been searching for a Home Inspector for your future home but you are nervous that you will not receive a professional and complete inspection?

At Silver Lining Home Inspections we inspect each home as if we were buying it for ourselves! We are so confident in our inspection that we offer a guarantee that provides you with peace of mind that when you choose a Silver Lining Home Inspector you are choosing a professional who stands by their work. We offer a 100% buy back guarantee if you find that we have overlooked any of our standards!

Why are annual inspections important?

How would you know if your home’s foundation components are deteriorating or shifting?
How would you know if you have safety hazards lurking in your home that are hidden from plain sight?

The best way to know the current condition of your home is to have your home regularly inspected! This inspection will allow you to see how your home has responded to these past repairs. You may have heard us say “monitor this water intrusion to see if it get worse, stays the same or improves”. If slow acting deficiencies are present in your home, how would you effectively “monitor” these areas and more importantly, would you remember to do it? We can take care of this for you by providing a professional evaluation after seasons change and your home acclimates to repairs.

Inspection Types

Silver Lining believes the most important aspect of an inspection is to reveal the safety hazards that may be present. Our report and knowledgeable advice will give you the facts to make a confident decision.

General Home Inspection (GHI)

A general home inspection (GHI)  will provide you with invaluable information regarding the house you are selling or looking to purchase.
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Buyer’s Inspection

A buyer’s inspection is a form of general home inspection for those looking to purchase a house. The buyer is looking to gain information on a potential purchase.
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Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is another form of a general home inspection, this type of inspection is a great marketing tool for selling your home.
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Contractor Inspection

A contractor inspection can vary from a large portion of your home, down to just a small section or a single room that has been recently remodeled.
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1-Year Building Inspection

A 1-year building inspection is a priceless tool for new home owners. Reputable builders offer minimum 1-year warranty on the homes  they built.
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